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Final thoughts

The Other 8%

Things you need to ask for:

Ask yourself this one question - would you book a photographer that offered appetizers as an extra option?

If the answer is no, than why would you book a photo booth or a videographer from a DJ?

DJ's should play music and supply proper lighting  if required, they are not photographers or candy bar specialists!

We are not here to `candy coat` the industry. We have been taking very good care of clients for 40 years and have the referrals and recommendations to show for it.

Unfortunately, the computer has brought a lot of 'wannabe disc jockeys' to the forefront which is why it is so important for you to do your homework and pick up the phone and talk to us, please do not rely simply on an email!

We suggest you get at least 2 quotes from competent businesses - you are not comparing 'apples to apples' so take your time and make the decision that is right for you.

Last but not least, if the company expects you to give them the complete song list that you want played for your event, keep looking. A do not play list or a list of specialty songs is okay but it is not your job to come up with the music you want played - a true professional will be able to take care of that for you.

Up lighting available to add elegance to your venue!

There is a difference between a wedding and a club DJ. Don't let anyone tell you Club is the new norm - this could not be further from the truth!

Most weddings/anniversaries bring 3 or 4 decades together, the only way you can have a completely successful event is to have a disc jockey that knows how to play different genres of music in proper sets. 

There is no actual license that qualifies any disc jockey that is why actual experience is important.

Pricing ranges from company to company due to quality of service and equipment, experience and ability. It is impossible to compare solely based on price - do your homework, check references and ask for referrals!

92% of brides that took a poll said that if they could do one thing over again, they would focus more on the main portion of their evening by hiring a professional disc jockey service.

Not only do we know how to play to a crowd ,we also know how to play the right music at the right time and help with the flow of the evening from the grand entrance to the last song.

I truly believe we raised the bar, setting standards that most other companies only dream of achieving.

I believe we are the other 8%. That is the A&M Sounds promise!

  • Proof of Liability Insurance
  • Proof of Connect license- see for more information
  • Ask whether they carry a full back up system 
  • A contract should always be signed
  • Ask the venue you have booked if they have worked with the vendor and see if they would recommend them and why.
  • Be sure to mention any special music requirements (eg. ethnic music) when booking and make sure they can take care of them
  • A deposit to secure the contract should not be more than 25% of the full cost of services

The average cost of a wedding is $30,000, if music is important than 6 to 8% of your budget should be allocated towards it!